St. Bernard Hot Dogs

So with back to school and dance classes starting time is getting stretched thin again.  Last night we made a take on one of our favorite hot dogs from a restaurant back home, The St. Bernard.   The picture is not very good but they were yummy!


  • Your favorite brand of hot dogs
  • Hot dog rolls
  • 2 oz. Swiss cheese slices – per hot dog
  • 2 Heaping tablespoons of sauerkraut – per hot dog
  • brown mustard


  1. Cook your hot dogs according to the package.  We prefer ours fried or boiled.
  2. Place hot dog rolls in a 200 degree oven while the hot dogs cook to warm slightly.
  3. When hot dogs are just about done remove hot dog rolls from oven.
  4. Place 2 oz. of Swiss cheese on each roll.
  5. Place cooked hot dog on top of cheese.
  6. Place sauerkraut over and around hot dog on the roll.
  7. Top with a dash of brown mustard.

My family thought these were almost as good as the restaurants.  We now have a quick meal to add to our rotation.


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