Guest Post: Blackberry-Cherry Cobbler

I haven’t had a chance to try this delicious looking cobbler but I cannot wait. Blackberries and cherries are popping up everywhere right now. How fun would it be to go out berry picking and then making a delicious dessert with your berries?  I hope you will stop by and give Hazel from Cooking with…

Chicago – Blogapalooza Event!

Hi everyone! I hope all is well! I just wanted to remind those who want to attend the U.S. Blogapalooza in Chicago on Aug. 26…I need to pay the deposit to reserve the restaurant by early next week. I will need $5.50 for every guest attending by Monday, May 1. I can accept payments via…

My Daughter’s New Dance Blog

Over the Weekend I competed at the Lavin-Cassidy feis on both Friday and Saturday, and I have to say this might be one of the better competitions I have been to so far. Many of my likes and dislikes will be similar for both days because it was pretty much the same feis, but I…

Meet and Greet Weekend!

A Meet and Greet Weekend for you to try! Add your link on the original blog and find some new bloggers for you to follow!

Meet & Greet!

Hop on over to The Richness of a Simple Life for a Meet & Greet. I have found some great bloggers to follow! Promote your blog and make a recommendation of another blog to follow too! Hope to see you there!


This would make an outstanding addition to a Super Bowl Party! It can be made the morning of the party or the night before and it’s ready to go when the party starts! My kids wanted to try “authentic” food from New Orleans.  Every so often my children decide they want to try food from…

Meet and Greet 12/18

A great way to find new people to follow and get new followers! Hope you join in the fun!

Turkey Day Meet and Greet!

I am a little late to the festivities but join in if you can! I have learned that meet and greets are great ways to grow your blog! It took me three years to get to 300 followers but I am almost to 400 in 4 weeks! Read and get to know these great bloggers.

Trisha Yearwood’s Creamy Turkey Casserole

Originally posted on What's for Dinner Moms?:
This meal started with a Facebook post from Hellman’s Mayonnaise featuring Trisha Yearwood making her after Thanksgiving Creamy Turkey Casserole that uses up those bits and pieces leftover from your big dinner.  The video can be seen here and the original recipe for Creamy Turkey Casserole here. …

Happy Thanksgiving!

Originally posted on What's for Dinner Moms?:
No, my calendar has not lost a few days.  We decided to celebrate with our traditional Thanksgiving dinner a bit ahead of time this year so that when Thanksgiving day rolls around we can spend the day together doing all the things we really are thankful for…