Disney on Ice – Princess and Heroes: A Night Off

Mickey and Minnie - Ending

Yesterday after school we picked up the kids and headed out to see Disney on Ice.  It was a complete surprise to the kids who didn’t even know where we were going until we pulled up in front of the arena 2 hours later.  At first my daughter was upset because she had been expecting to go to dance class.  But, after some dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings she felt much better.

We had never been to Buffalo Wild Wings before but there was one right across the street from the arena where Disney on Ice: Princesses and Heroes was being held and we were in a hurry.  It was pretty good.  For my children who love flavor and a bit of spice it was almost too spicy.  Even the mild Buffalo Wings were more what we in Western New York would consider a medium Buffalo Wing.  I liked them but for my daughter, she ate one and was done.  My son ordered a combo of Mild Buffalo Wings and Terriyaki Wings.  He loved the Buffalo wings but the Terriyaki wings were too spicy for him.  It was VERY heavy on the ginger.  In fact that was about all you could taste was ginger.

I had the Parmesan Garlic Chicken Flatbread.  It was delicious.  Even this, which you would expect to have no heat, had a hint of spice.  It was really delicious and I would definitely order this again next time.   My partner ordered her wings with honey barbecue sauce and both kids really liked those the best.  It was a bit sweet but not as much as you might expect.  The onion rings, mozzarella sticks and nachos were all delicious too.

We ate our dinner incredibly fast.  We were served at 6:32 pm and were out the door at 6:50 pm.  We only had to walk a block to the arena doors but it was -4 degrees with a wind chill of -15 degrees.  By the time we reached the door we were all grateful to be inside.

Introducing Rapunzel

Our seats were in the front row of the balcony and we had a perfect view of the ice.  Within 10 minutes of our arrival the show started and it was wonderful.  Each of the princesses had a turn on the ice to tell her story with her prince – Snow White, Ariel, Tiana, Aurora, Jasmine and of course Cinderella.   Each new act was brought to life by Tinkerbell.  At the very end they introduced one of the newest princesses Rapunzel.

The little details were great.  When Abu is watching Aladdin skate can be seen “dancing” along while sitting on a pole.  The jumping from the third story of the set, by rope, and end skating on the ice by both Prince Eric and the Prince in Sleeping Beauty were amazing.  The lifts, the spins, the costumes were all perfect.   But overall the first act left a bit to be desired.  Other than the Dwarfs in Snow White there wasn’t that something that made it great.  Even Ariel’s sisters in the first act were not “dynamic.”

The second act of Princesses and Heroes with Malificent and Ursula added some tension and imagery that was missing from the first act.   Even the Ugly Step Sisters in the Second Act were almost lost in the shuffle and they could have been so funny.   I guess I expect personality to translate to the front row of the balconies not just the front row of the arena.

We went to see the 100 Years of Disney Magic ice show in Chicago, Illinois back in November and the performers in this show were far better ice skaters than that show.  But, overall we felt that show had a far better story line and was more lively than this show.   Overall we loved the show however and hope that it was just opening night stuff and the show has a great crowd the next few nights.

Tinkerbell Cup

I just have to add these because my kids loved them.  We never get souvenirs at shows or the parks but tonight was different.  Both kids loved their cups and can’t wait to use them tonight with dinner.

Mickey Cup

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