Influenster Tender Lovin’ Care VoxBox

VoxBox Opening the Box

Okay, I have to say I was ecstatic when I received this little box in the mail.  It was sent to my by Influenster and had products that they were sending to me free to review.  I have never done anything like this before so I slowly unpacked each layer to see all the little surprises inside.

Vox Box NeoSporin

Neosporin Neo to Go.

I have two children.  Need I say more?  Especially for my son this would be good for all the times we are out and I wish I could find my First Aid Kit.  Now I can keep this in my glove compartment and not have to worry about leaks and drips.

Vox Box Gelato

Breyer’s Gelato.  

I live in an ice cream obsessed household.  The rest of my family believes a day without ice cream should not exist.  Now something for me to try.

Vox Box Ivory

Ivory Soap.  Avon ANEW Reversalist.  Puffs Plus Lotion To Go Pack.   

Three brands that I trust and use.  I know my daughter will snag the Ivory soap just as soon as I open it.  She has SUPER sensitive skin and used to use Ivory all the time.  Now she is getting to the age where she realizes regular soap and lotions just don’t work for her and she is ready to go back to the tried and true.

Avon.  I haven’t ordered it in years.  Maybe this product will make me want to order more.

Puffs.  My family’s favorite tissues when they are sick.   The first thing anyone asks for when they get a cold with a runny nose is a box of the Puff’s Plus Lotion.  They love the feeling on their red noses and it doesn’t hurt or irritate them.  Now in To-Go packs?  This should be awesome!

Vox Box Shell


Hmmm.  Never cared much for gas cards as you usually have to tie them to your bank account.   Will have to research this card.

Vox Box Spread out

Excited about my first Influenster Box.  Can’t wait to tell you all about the new products try.


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