Biergarten – A 50th Anniversary Dinner

Biergarten - Comparison

What I love, and sometimes hate, about Walt Disney World restaurants is that no matter when you go if you have been to it before you pretty much know what you are going to get.  They may tweak dishes from time to time or slightly change the menus with the seasons but especially in the buffet restaurants the food is consistent.  This is a plate from our 2009 meal.  Sausages, schnitzel, vegetable, macaroni and cheese, and beef.   The same basic foods were there 5 years later though the macaroni and cheese recipe had, thankfully, changed.

This was the first real meal of our Family Reunion so we really wanted it to be special.  The one restaurant that my parents requested for us to eat at was Biergarten in the German Pavillion at Epcot.  They had been twice before on previous trips and knew they loved the atmosphere and the food.  This was their 50th Anniversary trip so we decided to celebrate it here.

German Band - What's for Dinner Moms

We waited just a brief time before our reservations.  We were a party of eight so there was no sharing our table tonight. The band started playing shortly after we were seated at the long table.   The band  was wonderful as they announced my parents anniversary and offered up a toast to them and then sang “Edelweiss.”  My parents were pleasantly surprised and loved the band so much.  They do this at every show but my parents felt special and so very happy.  My father said, “The food is good.  The atmosphere is nice but it is the band that totally makes the experience.” He is correct.

Beirgarten - Soups and Salads

This is the reason I love the Beirgarten.  The Potato Leek soup and the pretzel rolls.   Although the rolls had changed since our last visit they were still pretty good.  They are now smaller and log shaped instead of round with the x on the top.  The Potato Leek soup was creamy and flavorful although I could have used a few pieces of potato in it rather than being just creamy.

Biergarten - What's for Dinner Moms

I also grabbed a few pieces of sausage and sauerkraut, some green salad with tarragon dressing and a beef roulade to complete my first plate.  None of the salads were really what I wanted so I headed straight to the meat.

The sausages were the same as usual but the beef roulade was delicious.  My daughter thought her piece was dry and tough.  But mine came from the center of the plate and had quite a bit of gravy over it and was perfectly tender and flavorful.

Biergarten - Entree

The one dish we all agreed was amazing were the Brussel sprouts.  I HATE Brussel sprouts and yet couldn’t get enough of these.  They were not bitter at all.  They were cooked in bacon and vinegar.  Oh my, yummy!  I didn’t even get a picture of my plate before I had eaten almost all of them off my plate.

The schnitzel was tender and flavorful.  The red cabbage was definitely better than the last time we remembered having it as it had more vinegar in it but it could still use a bit more.  The macaroni and cheese recipe had changed.  Previously it was a Stouffer’s like macaroni and cheese similar to what they served in other Disney restaurants.  This was real macaroni and cheese with a hint of nutmeg in the sauce and a gooey layer of cheese over the top.  My daughter asked me to make mine like this next time.  I laughed because I never put nutmeg in the macaroni and cheese because I never thought they would like it.  How wrong I was.

Biergarten - Desserts

After several plates of dinner we all had to sample the desserts. They had a simple platter of cheese and fruit for those they preferred that to the sweets.  Our favorite was the Apple Strudel drizzled with the vanilla sauce.  A close second was the cheesecake bites.  The Linzer Torte was a good balance to the sweet desserts as it wasn’t overly sweet like the rest of the desserts.   They offered little dessert glasses of Black Forest Cake and fruit compote that you could pour the vanilla sauce over.

We loved our meal together and all left the table satisfied and a few of us overstuffed.  The our waiter was amazingly attentive and understanding in our requests.  He even found some rye bread in the kitchen for my father when he asked if they had any because that is what he remembers having at his grandmother’s house when he was a boy.  It really was a wonderful time.



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  1. One of our favorite places to eat. In December (2014) we met up with friends who we took an Adventures by Disney trip to Germany with! Now that I am a vegetation, the meats were passed over but I still went up for seconds with the yummy vegetables offered at their buffet!

    I totally agree with you dad about the band! The stage show has been different each time/year we have sat. We have not been disappointed yet.


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