All-Star Music Intermission Food Court – Breakfast

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It has been several years since we have stayed at the All-Star Music Resort in Walt Disney World. As our family has grown and changed so has our choice of resorts.  This year we decided to host a family reunion in Walt Disney World and All-Star Music seemed the perfect fit for everyone.  My parents needed a medical room with a roll in shower, my brother and sister-in-law needed a standard room and we needed more room so we were in a Family Suite.

The one thing I knew going into this trip was that just like every trip before this one would be unique. We had meals scheduled once a day so that we could all get together but other than that and a few Fast Passes everyone was free to go at their own pace and do their own thing.  It made for happy families not having to conform to someone else’s time-table.

Our first day we ate breakfast in the Food Court because we were going to be staying out rather late at Epcot. Normally we are not a big breakfast family but we figured with dinner not scheduled until early evening best to get everyone filled up with a good breakfast.

The first thing I noticed was that the color scheme had changed.  Gone were the bright-colored, outdated murals that were replaced with brown paneling.  The colors changed from bright blue, red and green to brown, soft blue and mustard yellow. For the most part the changes seemed good.  As a Pooh Sized person though I hated the new chairs.  They have thin, little spindly legs and each time I sat down I could feel the legs spread out.  I held my breath each time thinking I was going to break a chair in front of hundreds of people.

Western Omlet - What's for Dinner Moms

The Western Omelet with potatoes is made fresh right in front of you.  You can customize it with egg whites or other vegetables if you prefer. It was hot, fresh and tasted really good.  The potatoes were fresh too as they changed the warming bin just as I arrived at the front of the line.  If you are on the meal plan remember to pick up those drinks for later even if you have your mugs with you.  We saved the chocolate milk and juices to drink later in the room.

All Star Music Food Court (Breakfast)

The Bounty Platter is the “big plate” at the Intermission Food Court.  If this doesn’t fill you up nothing will. My daughter left the biscuit but finished the entire rest of the plate.  She was wishing for a second Mickey waffle instead of a biscuit but was pleased with her breakfast.  One day she received “runny” eggs and decided she couldn’t eat them so she took them back to the counter and was given a different plate.  If there is something wrong with your meal don’t forget to speak to someone about it.  They were very nice in getting her a new serving of eggs.

GF All Star Music Food Court (Breakfast)

Now this was my son’s gluten-free Bounty Platter.  They gave him gluten-free bread to toast instead of a biscuit or roll and he got both sausage and bacon. He loves going to Walt Disney World because he knows his meals will be wonderful.  He is now 11 and we let him talk to the Chefs that come to greet him as he knows his needs and the questions he needs to ask better than we do now.

All Star Music Food Court (Breakfast) Cinnamon Roll

Finally, my breakfast.  This is all I wanted.  A cinnamon roll.  I love that they have a microwave near the soda fountains and toasters.  I warmed my roll up for a few seconds and put a dab of butter on top for a delicious breakfast treat.

It was busy but it was nice out so we were able to enjoy the sunshine outdoors and find a table rather easily.  Overall, we were pleased with our breakfasts at the All-Star Intermission Food Court.


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