500th Post and Show Your #Disneyside @Home Celebration

Inside the #Disneyside Home Celebrations box

Disclaimer: The products you see above were supplied to us free for review and use during our #Disneyside party.  All opinions are my own.

Today is a milestone for me.  My 500th post.  I knew this was coming and trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to post about today took only a few minutes of decision-making.  My family LOVES Disney.  We eat, breath and live for our Disney vacations.  At the dinner table we redesign the parks, or rides.  We discuss what restaurants are great or need to be rethemed.  We solve all the problems of Disney World and relive all the great memories we have had at Disney World over and over.

About six weeks ago a giant box arrived at our house full of fun surprises from BSM Media and Disney.  We were chosen to host a Show Your #Disneyside @Home Celebration!

We decided to host a Teen Luncheon.  Something a little more “grown-up” along the lines of what you may find for a summer lunch at the Grand Floridian.  So we pulled out all the antique glass bowls and trays we could find in the house for serving dishes.  We planned a simple, yet nice menu and let the girls direct the rest of the party.
We picked the girls up from school as they only had a half-day of school on party day.  The timing worked out perfectly for everyone.
Luncheon Buffet
The girls arrived at the house and after putting their back packs and coats away started making croissant sandwiches.  There were, chips, pickles and a simple salad to complete the meal.
Pink Sherbet Punch
Pink Sherbet Punch was the drink of the day.  I was worried about the Frozen cups being a bit babyish for the girls but I heard lots of squeals of “I love Olaf!” and “Ooo, Frozen!”  They may be teenagers but they all still have a bit of little girl inside them.  Of course the funniest thing I heard coming from the family room was the discussion on whether or not Christoff would make a good boyfriend.  I think there was only one girl in the group that decided Olaf would be a much better boyfriend.
Mickey Mouse Rainbow Cupcakes
For dessert we offered a choice of Tie-Dye Mickey Mouse cupcakes or fruit tarts.  Both desserts were delicious.  I am going to have a review of the Tie-Dye Cupcake Mix by Duff in the next day or so.  These were amazing in color and taste.
Fruit Tarts
What I found amusing was that one girl ate three cupcakes and another girl ate three fruit tarts.  Everyone definitely had their favorite desserts.
My daughter was super excited to share pins and posters we had gotten on our trip to Walt Disney World the week before.  The best part was when someone mentioned that they thought Disney World wasn’t just for little kids as they thought before!
I wish I had a picture of all the girls together but I was trying to be invisible and let my daughter host the event.  Everyone had a great time and in the end several of the decided to stay for dinner too.
Some of the products that arrived in our box were for much younger children.  The products that arrived in our box that were not used for this party are being donated along with cake mixes and canned frosting to a local pantry so that children who may not otherwise have a birthday cake or party and have a very special party.
I thank Maria Bailey, BSM Media, Disney and all of the sponsors for an amazing package and great party ideas!


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  1. How cool to be selected for an @home celebration! Everything looks great, and it sounds like the teens were able to show their Disney Side in a classy way. I also think it was a great idea to donate the extra items…way to spread pixie dust to other deserving kids.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. koolaidmoms says:

      Thank you! It was great fun and my 14 year-old was appreciative that we could have a party that shows our #DisneySide – bringing magical touches to every day moments.


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