A Blog Letter to Fazoli’s

Fazoli's To-Go Bag

Updated: May 22, 2015

I just received the following email from Fazoli’s. There is new artwork for their packaging and advertising that will be rolled out soon. I thank them for their response.

We appreciate you taking time to share your comments on our packaging. As the mom of two little girls, I know all too-well the “Mommy Guilt” we feel making sure our kids get the best meal possible – even with our busy schedules. One of our missions at Fazoli’s is to provide an affordable, healthful meal option for families on the go, so I’m glad to know you consider us when making a meal-time decision!
With that said, you will be pleased to know that we have recently updated our packaging artwork and you will start to see those changes roll-out at your local Fazoli’s soon. The new packaging focuses on the quality ingredients we use in our food and the fact that nothing is prepared until you order it.
Again, I appreciate you reaching out to us. Please feel free to contact me should you need anything else!

Amanda Potts

Marketing Manager

Fazoli’s System Management, LLC
2470 Palumbo Drive
Lexington, KY 40509
859-825-6315 Direct

Dear Fazoli’s:

On Sunday I went to our local Fazoli’s in the early afternoon to pick-up dinner while my daughter was in dance class.

I, as many other parents do, travel three to four days a week over one hundred miles round trip so that my daughter can take Irish dance classes. I know many parents do the same thing for hockey, soccer, gymnastics, cheer, instrumental classes, etc….

I write this blog because I struggle getting dinner on the table every night and try to limit the number of times we eat from drive-throughs. But, there are times that we all have to feed our kids in the car from drive-throughs to preserve our own sanity and keep our children nourished. We sometimes use homemade To-Go meals or we stop at drive-through restaurants when time is tight.

I chose Fazoli’s the other day because I thought pasta with pesto sauce, white breast chicken and cheese with a side salad sounded much better for my children than burgers, fries or fried chicken. I was making a choice on how to feed my family in what I thought was the best way I could at that moment in time.

When I received my order I started to read the bag that my order arrived in (pictured above). I am a busy mom who is already feeling a bit guilty about feeding her kids take-out food when I start reading: “It is a mini-van not a mini-dining room;” “Table manners: easier to teach at tables;” and “Get our real food to a real table.”

Now, I get what you are trying to do Fazoli’s. You want to become more than a destination for dinner you want people to consider taking your food home and having dinner in their home. That is a great idea. But, rather than make the moms, who are the ones choosing to buy your product, feel even worse about making a difficult choice of what to give their kids for dinner in the car (from your drive-through I may add) how about supporting them in their decision of what to feed their family? Offer meal combination suggestions as healthier options, car conversation starters for talking over dinner or even extra paper plates and napkins to divide meals for a small price.

Fazoli's Twitter

When I started trying to contact someone about the bags I found the above Tweet on your Twitter feed. If you really believe this help Moms and support us in making the best choices for our children. Please stop making us feel worse about the choices we need to make in feeding our family.

I tried to contact Fazoli’s through their website by filling out a form with stating my issue with their To-Go bags. Even though I requested to be contacted and despite giving my phone number, address and email address I have not yet heard from them.




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  1. pattyalcala says:

    Unbelievable! I am glad that you wrote them to let them know that it is not acceptable to shame parents for the choices they make. As you said, we all try to do the best that we can.

    Liked by 1 person

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