Raglan Road – Disney Springs

Braised Be Beef - Raglan Road

We arrived two nights prior to the start of the Disney Social Media Moms Conference 2015 and wanted to spend a few days getting to different places that we might not otherwise get a chance to go to. The one place my daughter really wanted to go to was Raglan Road. She wanted to see the Irish dancers. She Irish dances and wanted to see the show.

I was able to easily get reservations for 7:00 pm. We arrived at 6:35 pm hoping to be seated a bit early but the place was packed on a Tuesday evening. We ended up waiting for 35 minutes past our Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR) time. At first we were a bit upset because we were tired and starving and there was nowhere to sit. We were outside behind the restaurant listening to the Irish dance music and watching the dancers through the windows. We leaned up against the building to rest. I was tired of standing all day at the parks.

My daughter was dancing around the area outside as there was a big area with no people. She is an Irish dancer and will dance anywhere and everywhere. She danced reels, jigs and even a treble jig while we waited. New people would come in and ask about her dancing. She was in heaven talking about Irish dance.

Dancing at Raglan Road

We were finally seated and put right behind the edge of the stage where the dancers go on. One of the dancers noticed her Feis shirt and came over to talk to us. He told her that they would bring up kids to dance later and wondered if she would like to dance too. She agreed. She thought she was going to go up with the little kids while they taught them their 1-2-3s. Just before she went on he leaned over and said, “When we are done with the little kids you go on and do a reel.” I think her head exploded.

She was over the moon and so was I. She went on stage alone without her shoes and did her steps. I think my heart filled the entire room. I was so proud and so excited for her. When she finished I was the one that screamed, “YES!” I was near tears the whole time. They were so nice to her and all the dancers stopped by our table to talk. Later we found out that one of the assistant teachers at her school had danced with one of the dancers in “Take the Floor” a previous summer.

Our dinners arrived shortly after she danced.  I had asked the waitress for her recommendation. She recommended the Braised Beef with Mixed Root Vegetables and Horseradish Mashed Potatoes. I don’t particularly care for horseradish or root vegetables but thought I would give it a try. The beef was perfectly tender and juicy. It almost melted in your mouth. The root vegetables were too under done for my tastes. I ate a couple of carrots but the parsnips were a bit bitter and there was nothing to really balance that flavor. The mashed potatoes had a heavy hand of horseradish but I could eat those with a slice of beef and a fork full of mashed potatoes it was deliciously balanced.

Serious Steak - Raglan Road

My daughter chose the Serious Steak. This 10 oz. steak with an Irish Whisky Marmalade Glaze with Basil Oil arrived a top a generous scoop of mashed potatoes and topped with two large beer battered onion rings. The steak was cooked perfectly to medium-rare as my daughter had requested. She thought it was a really good steak she was pleased with everything.

After dinner they brought us the dessert menu. We were both bordering on full but still wanted something sweet so we took the waitresses suggestion and tried the Ger’s Bread & Butter Pudding. I like bread pudding and my daughter had never had it before. When it arrived (I don’t have a picture because we ate it all!) my daughter looked at me skeptically. It doesn’t look like much, a bowl of bread cubes with two sauces on the side, but the flavor was over the moon heaven! My daughter had two servings and was almost licking her plate to get the last bit of sauces. You may have had bread pudding before but this was amazing! I will go to Raglan Road again just for the dessert.

We were not on the dining plan this trip so our check was $73.00 plus tip for two entrees, two sodas and one dessert. I thought that was more than reasonable in a resort area.

So will we return to Raglan Road again on another Disney trip? You betcha!

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  2. Delighted that your daughter got up to dance. My daughter used to do Irish dancing too and loved to dance at family weddings and parties…she’s 15 now and wouldn’t do it even if I paid her 😂

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      Mine is 15 and they were playing jigs before the beginning of the fireworks in Epcot. We we over near UK so she started dancing. She had a circle of people watching and clapping. She was eating it up!


      1. Ah lovely to see them enjoying the dancing. xx


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