Liberty Tree Tavern

Liberty Tree Tavern

Liberty Tree Tavern is closed right now for some much-needed renovations. On our last trip my daughter and I went there for dinner. It had been at least 6-7 years since we were last at this restaurant. It is amazing how a few years and a much different perspective can make you see something in a new light and realize how badly the restaurant needed to be redone.

Last time we were at this restaurant we were a young family and all of our family was ambulatory. Now, with my father using a walk/scooter and myself needing a cane after hurting my knee I could see how the set up of this restaurant would be difficult for anyone with any ambulatory issues. The lobby was set up nicely but scooters and wheelchairs are kept outside and to enter the restaurant you needed to navigate up two stairs. Doesn’t sound like much but if you can’t walk or can’t walk far…. The bathrooms were also difficult to impossible to navigate for any one with mobility issue.

One of the things that my kids loved about this restaurant when they were little were that Minnie and Mickey would make the rounds during dinner. They no longer do this but the meal was better than we remembered.

Disney '07 249

Liberty Tree Tavern Menu

The rooms are small and the tables are close together to remind you of being in a 1776 house dining room. Our drink orders arrived quickly and salad was brought on a big platter with enough for 2 servings for each of us. It was wonderful having a really nice salad after days of having fried foods, sweets and burgers.

Liberty Tree Tavern Salad

The rolls were good but the corn bread stole the show in this basket. Slightly warm so that the butter melted right in each bite was delicious. We ordered extra of the corn bread right away.

Liberty Tree Tavern Rolls

Shortly after our salad course the side dishes were brought to our table. The mashed potatoes were creamy with just a few lumps to let you know they were real and not from a package.

Liberty Tree Tavern Mashed Potatoes

Usually Macaroni and Cheese would be a hit for us but this was a bit of a miss. It was a really hot day the day we ate here and this dish was just too heavy. It tasted better than we remember it but still nothing special. We each ate about 1 tablespoon of the dish just to try it.

Liberty Tree Tavern Macaroni and Cheese

The Roasted Corn was AMAZING!!!! I attempted to sneak the bowl away from my daughter to get a second helping before she did. We ordered 2 bowls of this and debated about ordering a third but decided we wanted the dessert instead.

Liberty Tree Tavern Roasted Corn

There were so many luscious sides! The buttery green beans and the gravy were delicious.

Liberty Tree Tavern Green Beans

I don’t have a separate picture of the stuffing but the meat platter was full for the 2 of us. On top is the turkey, in the center the carved beef and on the bottom the roast pork. Both of us loved the all the meats but the turkey was our favorite. I think because it is not something we eat very often and it really lent itself to the whole Thanksgiving Day type of meal we were eating. We ordered extra turkey for ourselves.

Liberty Tree Tavern Carved Meats

Our plates were full as you can see. You can order more of any of the dishes you would like. By the end of the meal we were stuffed and there was still dessert.

Liberty Tree Tavern

This Johnny Appleseed Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream and Cranberries over the top was amazing. I managed to get down only a bit or two because I ate so much at dinner.

Liberty Tree Tavern Johnny Appleseed Cake

This Table Service restaurant is 1 TS credit on the Disney Dining plan. We paid $63.98 plus tip out-of-pocket for our two meals. We will definitely be heading back to the Liberty Tree Tavern again once they open in late fall to try their dinner and see if the updated restaurant is easier to navigate.



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