1900 Park Fare – Breakfast Buffet

1900 Park Fare - Tigger (3 generations)

This is a picture of three generations – my father, my brother and my son. All have the same name. So this was a really special picture for us. We love Walt Disney World dining because we can always find someplace where we are all happy to eat.

All three families were traveling together and having a great time. The secret to large groups? Only plan one meal or event a day together and then let everyone decide for themselves where to go and what to do. It allows everyone to feel like they don’t need to be together all the time and no one feels like they are holding the group back especially if you have younger children, older adults or any other travelers who need more frequent breaks.

So, this was our one meal together before we headed to the Magic Kingdom. We love having breakfast together and then heading over to the parks together. It allows us to let each other know what we are planning on doing that day and every family can decide if they want to join in or not.

1900 Park Fare Breakfast - Mary Poppins

The thing we love, about 1900 Park Fare is that in addition to the delicious breakfast buffet, the wide variety of characters that come to your table to talk, take pictures and write their autograph. My “big” kids love the characters too.

1900 Park Fare - Winnie the Pooh

Even the big kids love a hug from Pooh Bear!

Gluten Free Mickey Waffles - 1900 Park Fare

My son who is gluten-free loves dining out when we are on vacation at Disney World. Disney is his favorite place to go because he knows he will be able to eat tons of really great food and not miss out on any of our dining experiences just because he is gluten-free. These Mickey waffles were gluten-free and arrived at our table piping hot because they are made when ordered.

1900 Park Fare - Strawberry Soup

Everyone had to try the famous 1900 Park Fare Strawberry Soup. We were divided on this dish. Some loved it, some couldn’t understand it and others, like me, don’t like strawberries so the dish was not my favorite.

1900 Park Fare - Breakfast Buffet

Our favorite part is that whether you want eggs and salsa, or an omelette from the omelette station everyone found something they loved. Sausages, bacon and ham or Mickey waffles abound.

1900 Park Fare - Breakfast Buffet plate 2

From the bottom center – bread pudding with creme sauce, cheesy potato casserole, ham and cheese omelette, bacon, apple pastry, and a blintz made up this plate. Sweets are always a big part of our meals in the parks!

With a large traveling group we loved the ease of the buffets for finding foods everyone will eat. The character interactions at 1900 Park Fare can’t be beat!



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