One Week Later….

Disney 2015 258

It has been crazy, hectic and fun. My little family loves traveling together. We drive everywhere and this trip was no different. In the past two days we have driven 1,245 miles. The very last 3 hours put us all to the test.  We had been up since 6 am with nothing to eat all day except a small bag of potato chips and a piece of dark chocolate. It was closing in on 6 pm and it was getting ugly in our car. I was over tired and hungry.  There was really nothing right off of I 80 and I 90 that we could find easily on the GPS. We finally just picked Sandusky and stopped there. We were then able to make the final 4 hour push home after that once everyone had full bellies.

We celebrated Christmas Eve and Day with my family in Charlotte, North Carolina. The four of us will be celebrating our Christmas on New Year’s Day. We decided to post pone gift giving until then because it was going to be too crazy and hectic with work and appointments to try to fit it in the way we like to celebrate. On New Year’s Day we can take the whole day to enjoy opening presents, eating and celebrating a great year together.

I did get one present early so that I could start working on it. I get to plan a vacation just for the two of us, without children, to Disney World in July! I am so excited! We are going to do all the things we haven’t done in ages because our children don’t care for them or because it is just the two of us it is easier to plan. We are going all out with the Deluxe Dining plan and hotel. We haven’t been to Disney without children in almost 16 years. It is definitely going to be a different trip but one we are really looking forward to!

I hope you all were able to spend the holiday with those you love and that you each got a present that made you smile!



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    Sounds like you’re close to my neck of the woods in Illinois.

    Glad you all had a wonderful time.

    Continued blessings, Emma

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      We are close to the Illinois/Indiana/Michigan border in Southwest Michigan.

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  2. Thanks for the update sounds like the bag of chips and piece of chocolate didn’t go far haha. Love this post and wow an exciting trip coming!

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  3. What a great trip you have planned! Sounds like fun!


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