Check In: Day 266

Week 38: Wow! How much time has passed since this all started. As we are heading into the Christmas season I am beginning to wonder about all the traditions and things we do trying to figure out what we really want to do this holiday season. I think this is the perfect time to reassess with all the turmoil what really matters to us. We can shed some of those “We have to” this year because there is a bit of grace in this pandemic. People are more understanding of breaking traditions and expectations right now. Once we break away it will be easier next year continue on with what we love rather than what is expected of us.

So what are we giving up?

  1. Over decorating. All the Christmas tchotchkes that we put out year after year and then have to wrap and put away carefully for the next year are nice but I will pare down to one or two with memories of our families (grandma’s tree and our special ornaments come to mind) but the rest? We will save for another year.
  2. Over eating. We love FOOD! But, we are not going to have to eat all of everything. We are freezing cookies, leftover appetizers, and meats. We will have a freezer full of food to pull from in January for our no buy month.
  3. Over booking. This was the easiest and the hardest all at once. No Christmas parties, holiday concerts, and family gatherings. No last minute shopping trips to pickup that elusive item or cramming one more thing into an already overloaded schedule. So what am I filling this time with? Spending time with my family doing fun things. We came to the realization that both kids are both leaving next fall and this is our time to take advantage that they are still here. We are reading our family books, playing more games together, planning a last big family vacation for next year (this travel agent needs to be hopeful!), and teaching those last little lessons we hope they will remember as they go out into the world.

How are you redoing your Christmas traditions or are you doing the same things this year?

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  1. Patricia B. Grattan says:

    You always seem to be reading my mind. My first ever fake tree with pre-strung lights (big leap for me two years ago as I aged) is up; but the thought of decorating just for me was depressing and time consuming especially considering I am still in rehab for knee cap replacement. I too go all out, clearing my book shelves and two mantles of all items,for greens, lights and my Byers collections, but not this year It’s a big effort to lug them to the attic and then back down again in six weeks. Then it’s a step ladder to retrieve the brass ornaments I’ve collected from 55 years of traveling to pain stakingly put on the tree. And I bought yet another Santa of the World (a collection I started back in the 1980’s when they first began) from the Byers Collection this year (Scandinavian). I decided to put just the Santas on the (white flocked) Christmas tree for simplicity and ease. I even left the old ladder next to the tree and put some of them on it as if they were still decorating. Added an old red snowflake Christmas quilt from Canada and my green Christmas tree quilt I bought at an auction for accent against my two white couches. On the kitchen table I have my German advent wreath from 1964 updated with dried material this year instead of evergreens; and of course another tradition I have kept since living in Germany — white candles in all the windows. But this year no wreaths hanging outside from the 16 windows. Window boxes were planted in the fall with boxwood and yew mini shrubs to last til spring with no maintenance. Front door decorated with roping from a neighbor’s cut down tree from last storm and some lanterns I have also collected over the years. Simple with a spotlight instead of lights everywhere. Gave my extensive Santini nativity set to youngest daughter and now have just three JMJ sculpture figurines. Lots of memories to surround me but not exert me. Long winded but you asked!! I will do cards this year, having not done them last year for the first time since 1963. Obviously, I have time on my hands and food on my hips and I like to write. Happy Advent!

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      Sounds like you made the perfect choices for you this year! My mom realized she could no longer pick up her Christmas tree so she is already planning a small table top for next year. Lots of memories but making it work for us.


  2. Carol anne says:

    Awesome! I am so glad your enjoying these last few months with your kids! Way to go!


  3. artandicon says:

    I made a list of the 50 things I once thought were necessary for a real Christmas. No longer. Just being alive is gift enough.


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