Check In: Day 287

Week 41: This Christmas was the same, yet different. We are very fortunate in that the four of us can be together. We have plenty of food, shelter, and heat on these cold nights that moved to single digits on Christmas Eve. We are blessed. But, a Zoom or Facebook call for Christmas just made us even sadder for those we miss. It was wonderful to see them and know they were okay but it is not the same.

As the kids are growing up the holidays, especially the traditions, seem to hold a deeper meaning for all of us. It was difficult not being able to go to North Carolina and see my parents this year. My daughter was upset that this Christmas felt “different.” I think all the little traditions we have built up going down there seem to have taken on more significance than they realized. They always wanted to be home for Christmas as we were leaving for North Carolina and now that they are it is nice but not the same.

As we are cleaning up after celebrating Christmas and looking forward to the end of 2020 it is hard to remember that this goal many of us set for ourselves is not going to be magic. All that we have held out for to be able to do in 2021 will not happen on January 1st. Restaurants that only can serve take-out will continue to serve take-out. Not having large gatherings and spending time indoors with friends will not happen right away. We already got the note from my son’s school that the January 4th return in person will not be happening. It will be at least January 10th and will be hybrid or continue online depending on the Michigan State Board of Health.

But, soon we will be back to hugs, gatherings for weddings and celebrations, and vacations. We just need to be patient until then.

Hoping we all have a bit more patience….

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  1. So true! I know we’re all tired of the rules but they do seem to be working

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