Orzo, Goat Cheese, and Craisin Salad

Back to school time is tough not only for me but for my kids. They both start feeling a bit anxious before school starts. Thought they have been through this many times now it always surprises us when they start to get moody and acting out a bit two – four weeks before school starts….

Back to School: The Passage of Time

This is one of my favorite quotes. It is not about making memories it is about having fun and laughing and when we look back those will be the memories.  I am in a bit of a strange place right now. This is not a recipe post. This is about me post. Life has a…

It’s Not Really the End of Summer, But it is

The calendar says that fall starts on Friday, September 22nd. My heart says it starts on Tuesday. The kids start back to school on Tuesday. This is the day I dislike most every year, next to New Year’s Eve. My kids are ready to go back. They are ready to start all the new exciting…

Back to School

Sunday is the day I talk about my family. Who we are and why we chose to do the things we do. Yes, those are some decorations from our town last fall. Autumn is coming far too quickly for me. I see many posts about children going back to school and it makes me sad….