One of Those Days Dinner

Lunchable Dinner

Yes, we all have them.   We tend to feel overly guilty about them too.  Those dinners we view as “bad” or “unhealthy.”  I stopped at the grocery store yesterday on my way to pick up the kids for dance and tried to find them something quick and easy they could eat in the car for dinner. This is what they had – cracker and cheese Lunchables with flavored water, sliced apples, sliced cucumbers and grape tomatoes.  Time it took me to shop and prepare 10 minutes.

My kids were thrilled.  You would have thought it was Christmas.  My son was excited that I bought one that had cheddar cheese and not “gross” American Cheese.  His words, not mine.  My daughter was excited that I bought flavored water to switch out for the Capri Sun drink.

I don’t do this everyday.  I rarely do it.  But, I feel guilty when I do.  When is it time to let go that eating like this is okay once in a while and the Mommy guilty should end?

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