Chili Fritos Walking Tacos

Frito Walking Tacos

Chili Fritos Walking Tacos – without toppings

This Memorial Day weekend was a busy one in our household.  It was our 18th anniversary.  We always have dreams of spending it in some exotic place or even just having dinner together.  But, we usually end up celebrating similar to the way we did the year our daughter was born.

Our daughter was born one week prior to our 4th anniversary.  We planned on putting her to bed early and having a pizza delivered.  We thought we may even be able to sneak in a glass or wine or two.  But, our little girl was crying, all the time.  At 10 pm we looked at each other and decided on peanut butter and jelly toast with a glass of milk.  We were so exhausted.

So most of  anniversaries since then, have for the most part, been celebrated with little fanfare.  We generally do something as a family and then have dinner together.   The past two years we have been at Feises, Irish dance competitions, for the entire weekend.  We didn’t even get home until almost 10 pm on Sunday night.

So, dinner last night was what was available from the freezer.  I didn’t feel like going shopping at all.  Last week my daughter’s Life Skills teacher made this for her volunteer group and my daughter loved it.  She asked me to please make them for her and her brother.  Well, I had all the ingredients on hand so dinner it was.

Usually this dish is mixed right inside a small bag of Fritos but since I did not have those on hand our “To-Go” dishes had to do.


Both of my children loved this.  I thought it was WAAAAAAY too salty.  I would use freshly grated sharp cheddar next time for us but the kids loved the bite of the queso cheese sauce.  Maybe if I add some green chilies to the dish too.

Also, I served this with a side of mixed vegetables to make myself feel better about what I was feeding the kids.


  • 1 lb ground turkey (may also use ground beef)
  • 1 bag Fritos – Chili flavor
  • 1 jar Medium Spice Queso Cheese Sauce – warmed according to package directions
  • All your favorite taco toppings such as – sour cream, black olives, diced green pepper, diced red pepper, diced onions, chopped tomatoes, chopped lettuce


  1. Brown turkey in a skillet over medium heat.  Break the turkey up with the back of the spoon as it browns.  Drain off any grease that may be in the pan when done.
  2. Place a large handful of Fritos on a plate or in a bowl.
  3. Top with 1/6 of the ground turkey.
  4. Top with warm Queso Cheese sauce.
  5. Top with any of your favorite taco toppings.


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