It’s Not Just About the Food…

It’s not just about the food we eat, it is the experiences we have.  How do you set your table?  Where do you eat? Do you all sit down together?  Each experience is different and brings different things to our lives.

Many experiences are tied to food in someway others are just life.  My blog is about the food we eat but also the experiences we have in dining and in life.  My family is a diehard, Disney loving family.   We drive at least once a year 1, 250 miles each way to visit “home.”  Some people vacation at the beach, the mountains or on a cruise.  We visit Mickey Mouse, year after year.

The other day two great boxes showed up on our doorstep.

Disney Bands - What's for Dinner Moms

This was the first box, our Disney Magic Bands.  These are the bands that you wear at Walt Disney World that carry all the information about you.  Tickets, Fast Passes, credit card information, pictures taken of your during your trip by Disney photographers and on rides, and dining information (if you have purchased a plan) are all done through these little bands.  Kind of cool and scary all at the same time!

My kids know when these show up at our house a trip is being planned!

Opening our #DisneySide Home Celebration Box

The next box was a great surprise from Disney.  A party in a box to show our #Disneyside with an @Home Celebration!  Both kids were so happy.  As they took turns pulling out item they discussed how we could use it with our party.  My daughter is so excited to share some of her love of Disney with her friends.  My son is a Disney “expert.”  He loves to read all things about the parks, food and rides and can talk endlessly about all three so he can’t wait to show off his knowledge.

Inside the #Disneyside Home Celebrations box

This was the contents of the box! Disney is absolutely amazing!  Yes, there will be a post or two about our party, family reunion at Walt Disney World and review of the contents of the box included in my blog.  If you are interested in Walt Disney World, the restaurants, the rides etc. I hope you will continue to follow our adventures because it is not just about the food.  It is all about our experiences.

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