Happy New Year and Thank You!

  As we are finishing 2016 I want to say thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to read, like or repost my blog this year. My views and visitors doubled this year! As I read and comment on your blogs I realize you are all pushing me to…

Blue Cheese Waffle Fries

I wish this was a better picture but french fries are hard to get into an appetizing picture. I don’t know why we never thought of making Blue Cheese Waffle Fries before. The kids love blue cheese and waffle fries why wouldn’t we put them together. For Christmas Eve we make an appetizer buffet for…

Traveling for the Holidays

We were ¬†home for Christmas but had a short trip planned to visit family. We left on Christmas day thinking we would get a jump-start on the driving and arrive early on Monday to visit with my parents, brother and sister-in-law. We had an easy 5-6 hour drive planned for Monday morning. We got a…

All is Calm

The silence before the day begins is one of my favorite parts of the day. It is full of possibilities and hope. Everything is fresh and new again. May your heart be filled with the hope and possibilities of a new day! All is calm, All is bright!

Happy Holidays!

To all my friends, family and followers: Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or any of the other festivals and holidays this season I wish you –¬† Joy and Peace this Holiday Season!  

The Ghost of Christmas Past

I was thinking this morning, “If the Ghost of Christmas Past appeared to me what would he show me in my life to bring back a belief in the good of people and Christmas?” Bonus points if you can name this movie! A couple of Christmas memories really stand out. I remember being about 8-9…

Sweet Chili Fried Chicken

The weather is still cold but we are trying to not eat totally from cookies, candy and doughnuts trays. As Christmas gets closer it seems more and more difficult to get dinner on the table. The busier we get the less I seem to want to spend time cooking. So, we took some shortcuts on…

Downtown Market – Grand Rapids, Michigan

We don’t get to Grand Rapids as often as I wish we did but when we do I have to stop at the Downtown Market. I love this place. They have higher end shops for meat, fish, spices, cheese, and bread. But, they also have several smaller places to get a bite to eat. Being…

Slow Cooker Italian Beef – Chicago Style

You know I love my slow cooker. This time of year it is getting a workout as we are trying to fit in meal times between all the concerts, cookie baking, and parties. This past weekend the temperature started to drop to single digits, where it has hovered since, and it snowed on and off….

What Do You Keep in Your Pantry?

The picture above is not my pantry but one I envy from Google. People throughout history have always had somewhere to store their food. Whether it was larders to store meats, buttery to store beer and ale or the pantry used to describe these spaces in the Medieval times to the more formal Butler’s Pantry…

Hugs and I Love Yous

I have openly shared before that my 13 year-old son is Autistic, bordering on Asperger’s Syndrome – for those that still use those labels. We talk about it openly with him and others as teaching moments for all of us. One of the things for him is he has a very hard time with emotions….

Christmas Memories and Chocolate Meatball Cookies

This is a cookie from my childhood. It is still a family favorite. Of all the cookies and sweets I make this and the Apple Kuchen are the two things that always signify Christmas in our house. They are the cookie that my children ask for and family wants us to bring to family gatherings….