Checking In: Day 70

Day 70 – 10 weeks. I keep writing these each Saturday to keep almost a journal of what is going on,  where we are as a family and a bit of the world.

My son is three weeks from ending school. He took his Advanced Placement (AP) tests the  past two weeks. For him it was a failure – not that he failed the test but when he went to upload his work to the calculus test only one page loaded and then it took the second page from the first problem as the answer for his second question. He got a message at the end that he didn’t finish the test and needed to retake the test. He was livid! Once we calmed him down we explained this was a good thing because he now had an idea of how the test worked and what it was like online and we would work with the guidance counselor to work out any bugs in submitting for next time. They don’t want these kids to fail and he has another chance to take it again.

His English AP went much better. He was happy about that. He thought it was much easier than expected. A win!

But, that also means his classes are mostly done except orchestra, physics, and  World History.  He is just not motivated anymore. It is hard to get him up out of bed and focus. Once school is done I think he will get better. He doesn’t see a purpose in all this right now. It is hard for him to picture going back to school in the fall and applying for colleges that may or may not open in the fall. The unknown is hard on all of us but for a kid with Autism it is unbearable.

My daughter is back dancing via Zoom. I think it is good for her. She is dancing four days a week again. It is very different but at least she is dancing. She does her classes in the garage which has a cement floor. She cannot wear dance shoes so she is practicing in special dance sneakers but that is tough. Imagine slamming your feet repeatedly down on a cement floor with no give. It hurts after awhile. Most dance floors have give to them so they don’t hurt your ankles and knees like dancing on cement. We are hoping to get her a small dance stage built over the summer if this keeps up.

My wife is still working right now.  There is always the fear of layoffs and cuts the longer people save and don’t spend money. I get it. We are saving too because of the fear of not having an income. The next few months are going to scary for everyone even if we open back up tomorrow. There is no way we can return to what life was like with the number of deaths and coronavirus still increasing here but we do need to figure out the best way to help everyone weather this in the best possible. way.

I am working sporadically for the CPA firm in New York and a bit for the travel agent work but most people are not ready to book travel yet. I keep working and taking classes but we will see. Income from this is minimal at best. But, I keep moving forward.

How are you and your families faring with all this?

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  1. I think many of us are going through similar things. Not exactly the same, necessarily, but certainly variations on the same theme of uncertainty and trepidation about the future.

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      Thanks, I am sure. It is tough all around.


  2. Pastor Cathy says:

    What a loving mother you are. Thanks.

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      Thank you so much! I try my best. I fail some days and succeed on others but try my best.


  3. South Africa is more like the USA than the UK, Marci, so we have similar fears here. Our economy was already a wreck before this started and the youth were all immigrating. We had been planning to move at the end of 2021 when my oldest son finishes A levels and the younger one O levels. We planned to Greg to go to Uni in the UK and Michael to do A levels there too. We will see what happens now, but these plans may have to be accelerated which isn’t at all ideal.

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      I see kids here wanting to leave more and more and searching for ways to get their citizenship in other countries. I have never known more people with dual citizenship than I do right now. Mostly UK, Ireland, and Lithuanian. It is interesting because they are ready to go if things don’t change here.

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      1. It is a terrible shame. I have never wanted to be the parents left behind, but what can one do. The kids must do what is right for them.

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