Word of the Year: Breathe

This was the word that I had chosen as my touchstone for the year. As I look back now it seems kind of strange that I chose a word that would somehow derail the entire world. Breathe. With the Coronavirus attacking the lungs so many friends struggled to breathe. I felt like I have been holding my breath for the last 5 months. Breathe.

As the weather is getting nicer I stepped outside yesterday and felt for the first time that I could take a big breath and just breathe. We opened the windows for only the second or third time this year the other day. Air. Everything has felt stifling and stale. But, now I feel I can breathe. I am going to enjoy this summer with my family in our little house but I cannot think of doing this again this fall with the flu and possible return of the virus. But, for now I will just breathe and not think about it.

Remember to breathe.

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  1. Yes we do😊 Thanks for the post 👍

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  2. Ray Visotski says:

    It has been an interesting Spring, that’s for sure. Your words remind me of a song by Willy Porter, across the lake in Milwaukee….Breathe. https://youtu.be/ShKK1-FpRC0

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      Nice! Thanks for the song!


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