Day 91: Checking In

This was to be my last checking in as just about everything in Michigan is open or will open within the next week or so. Still no large gatherings, masks and physical distancing are to be observed but other than that pretty normal. But, as I watch the numbers go up and down I am not sure. Some states that opened before us or never really closed are going up in Covid-19 numbers such as Texas, Arizona, and Florida. I read about a second wave but I am just not sure this is it.

In the grocery store the other day very few people were wearing masks. The governor had said to keep wearing masks and physical distance but it seems as if what people heard was, “It’s over. Back to normal. No virus.” Also, watching restaurants using plastic or latex gloves concerns me. I watch a news story on restaurant safety procedures as restaurants are opening. The waitstaff, had gloves on, but delivered ketchup to a table and then turned around and grabbed two plates to deliver to another table. I wondered had the bottle been sanitized? Were the gloves now contaminated and how long until they were changed? This is why I stay home. Too many questions go through my head as I watch people.

So, I have not decided yet to end this. I figure we will come back around to a “Stay home. Stay safe.” time again in Michigan probably in the fall, hopefully not before that. Though I watch the crowds at the beaches and wonder if it may be sooner. Our tourist season, which is normally very large, is three to four weeks late in starting. Even this past weekend there were still parking places downtown in the middle of the day that were easy to find. By now most locals avoid downtown and head to other areas. Downtown in summer is for teens and tourists.

They sent out a survey from our school district asking for our opinions about what we think school should look like in the fall. I don’t know. It depends on where things are in the all. Little plastic walled cells sound like a terrible idea to me and I can see them lasting one day before the kids rip them and poke holes in them with pencils.

I think we just need to take the plan but know that it may have to change approach.

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  1. A lot of changes are still coming. Use common sense. Blessings. 💕

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  2. Pamela Beverly says:

    This isn’t a second wave because the first isn’t finished.

    And remember, a lot of states opened for Memorial Day. A lot of these cases are probably a reflection of that.

    And then the protests happened and are still happening.

    I don’t think it’s over by a long shot. But we’ll see.

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      I keep hoping but I had to tell my parents I couldn’t go visit them yet as they are in NC and we have to stay at a hotel when we visit. I cannot risk bringing something over to them. They understand. They don’t like it but they understand.

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  3. Pamela Beverly says:

    There’s not nuch else we can do until we have control of this thing.

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      So very true!


  4. PLease keep doing what you all are doing in your family. You are smart to be worried. Everyone should wear mask when inside close to one another and also practice social distancing as well as being extra clean during these times. I am also not noticing this when our state opened up and I was out there. We went up north to check on Our Little Red House and everyone in the city I guess were also headed up there because of the lakes and creeks everywhere. We just went to our home up there and any place we were in contact with people we always wore masks. We also cleaned and disinfected anything we bought. We only stopped off at the lake and creek areas early in the morning before anyone woke up , anyway, it was scary how many people were coming out after our lock downs. Watching the majority of them not practice social distancing or even wear masks was frightening to me. Now a couple weeks after everything opened our hospitals are filling up fast. When I saw what was happening the day we went up to check our place up north I worried about this. Now we are back in the city and basically back to our lock down rules. We quarantine for two weeks after our trip up north, so far, thank God, we are all doing okay but I fear with our numbers raising more and more each day here in Arizona that even the mail delivery is dangerous. We take our paper mail out to our back garden table and leave in the sun and Uv rays for a couple of hours, then we spray our door knobs and wash our hands before opening them later, then repeat those steps.

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      I have been watching the numbers all over the country. We, my family, are still distancing and wearing masks everwhere and limiting our time in public spaces. We are supposed to go see my parents in NC next month but I am watching their numbers go up so we probably will not be able to go. We have to stay in a hotel when we visit and I don’t want to take anything in to them. Sigh. Such a mess.


  5. cbholganza says:

    better to be safe than sorry, my dear. do take care of yourself and the family.

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      Thank you! We are trying to be as safe as possible, still.


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