Check In Day: 147

Day 147 – 21 Weeks: This weekend is a bit strange for us. Our children are actually gone for 6 days. We haven’t been away from them for more than an hour or two since the start of Covid 19 back on March 12th. We love our kids but everyone needed a break from each other. Allowing them to be away and a bit independent is a good thing. They have been coached in how to best conduct themselves to avoid getting Covid 19 and they have been living it for the past five months. They are saddled with lots of hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, and masks. Each also has a few pair of sunglasses to avoid touching their eyes and faces.

On Disney’s Magical Express

They are in Walt Disney World, Florida. They had a direct flight from Midway to MCO and then were on Disney transportation from the airport to their hotel. We have been doing tons of reading on Disney and the parks in Florida. Not one case of Covid-19 has been traced to the parks (Disney, Universal, or SeaWorld) according to the Orlando papers and my research as a travel agent. (Sometimes it helps to be a travel agent).

Their first day had a flew blips but they are handling it well. The best part for us is they have traveled with us and with groups before but this is their first solo trip. They have to rely on each other. This was important to me that they have a strong relationship. My daughter asked if she could take her brother when her friend decided she just would not enjoy it during Covid for her first real Disney trip. They are now planning a graduation trip in two years.

Magic Band doesn’t work? We need to go to guest relations and get if fixed. Lightening starts while we are on the Skyliner? We need to get off at the Riviera Resort. The bus they say is there to get us back to the resort doesn’t arrive how do we get back to the resort? They figured it out. I am incredibly proud of them.

And yes, we will be self quarantining when they get home next week.

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  1. Time to regroup and breathe. 🦋🍃


  2. Pat Grattan says:

    Thanks for the travel up-date on the kids. I am soul searching on flying in a couple weeks an would appreciate your in-sites as travel expert. Please email me when you get a chance and I will send you particulars in the meantime.

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  3. They will cherish the memories of this trip their whole lives. How wonderful that your daughter thought to go with her brother! And what a bond this trip will build between them, even more so than they already have. You must feel so proud as their mom!

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      I feel very proud of both of them. They have been forced to work together through some problems and I hope this brings a new appreciation for each other.

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  4. Erika says:

    That’s great that they are doing this trip together, most of all after this time being locked up at home. I basically love it when brother and sister are going on a trip together. Last year, my two older kids went on a trip to Rome for 4 days. The enjoyed it a lot too. It was the first time where only the two of them were on vacation!

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      I am hoping this will bring some calm to them that the world hasn’t completely gone away and that things will be different but slowly come back. They have been inside almost all of the last 5 months with us. Plus they have to work together to problem solve. 😀

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      1. Erika says:

        So many positive aspects about that trip… lol!!

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