Check In: Day 168

My son starts his senior year in a few weeks. He’s my baby. The one I butt heads with. The one that will challenge me every step of every day. The one I will fight for at every turn and the one I will not stop telling that he can do this.

As we look at colleges and talk about him leaving home I honestly never thought we would get to this point. If you had told me when he was between 7 and 10 ish years old that he would one day go to college I would laugh at you and tell you how wrong you were. This boy who would fight, punch, bite, and throw things? Never. Oh, we knew he was beyond smart but socially he would never make it. We would be happy if he could live on his own and hold a job.

Don’t get me wrong we are still struggling to get him ready to go to college. He needs to be more independent on completing the work and working with his teachers when he is stuck. He needs to keep a to do list and a calendar which he still struggles with. We are hoping soon he will be able to do this independently without my standing over him.

All of you that have sent kids off to college please tell me this is going to be okay.

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  1. This is going to be okay! Be sure to connect with the student support office on the campus of any schools you’re considering. That will be an excellent and important home base for him all through college. A student support office with warm, caring staff and a strong array of services and programming may make all the difference for his success and wellbeing as he moves through his degree coursework.

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      Thanks! We forget about looking at those too.

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  2. Good luck, Marci!

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  3. duskalert says:

    It’ll definitely be okay! I’m a student myself who lives in an hostel. Initially, it for obivious reasons is difficult for parents and child to adjust to newness of things but later everything settles!
    More power to you and your family! Give your son confidence, help him through home sickness and he will do absolutely fine!


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