Top 5 Recipes for August 2020

Ground Beef Enchiladas Verde (click for link to recipe)

This recipe has been in the top each month for the past six months. This super simple meal uses canned enchilada verde sauce to cut down on the preparation time. Cook the ground beef ahead of time to make a delicious meal on a busy week night extra simple!

Slow Cooker Pork Chops with Sauerkraut and apples (click for link to recipe)

This recipe has been at the top of the list for almost a year now. Combining all the delicious flavors of fall in one simple slow cooker meal it is perfect for a weekday meal.

Brookies (using boxed brownie mix) (click for link to recipe)

What is a Brookie? A combination brownie and chocolate chip cookie! Best of both worlds at once. These ooey, gooey, treats use boxed brownie mix to make the process even easier. Serve it hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or let them cool (if you can!) to eat later.

Au Jus Roast Beef Sliders (click for link to recipe)

I love little slider sandwiches made with Hawaiian rolls. These are a great addition to a weeknight meal rotation, how many different ways can you fill them, and everyone in our house looks forward to sandwich night! These start with deli roast beef and packaged gravy mix to make the process super simple.

Anchor Bar (The Original) Buffalo Style Wings (click for link to recipe)

I don’t know it this is the original Anchor bar recipe but it is good! The vinegary tang with just the right amount of heat. Yum! We also air fry our wings to make them a bit healthier. These were tiny wings but I love the big ones most of all. With a side of blue cheese dressing for dipping and some celery. Perfect football watching food!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Yep, beef enchiladas were my choice. 😋🌿


  2. duskalert says:

    Brookies I love!


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