Day 217: Check In

Thirty-one weeks: We went to Costco in Kalamazoo the other day to get a few items. We cannot find Basmati rice here so we ended up getting a 15 pound bag! We will share it but we were tired of not having rice. I have been researching best practices for storing larger amounts of food- temperatures, humidity, etc…

We are actually in the process of moving our chest freezer upstairs from the basement. We think we will make better use of it and keep it better stocked if we have easier access to it. Sometimes I lose track of what is in there because the kids are digging through it and I don’t always go down to sort it out. We are having more waste than we care to have so we decided the best idea was to make it more accessible and we have a good spot for it.

As I said earlier in the week our Covid-19 numbers in Michigan are headed back up. We are now up around 2,500 new cases per day. Which is waaaay higher than the 50 or so cases we were down to for several months. Thankfully our son’s school has been pretty good as far as Covid-19 cases. Several schools around us closed for a couple days to two weeks due to Covid-19. It makes me nervous having my son in school thinking about what he may bring home either Covid or flu but he is a senior this year so we really couldn’t keep him at home. He needed to be in school.

So, we have cancelled our trip to Rochester, New York to see colleges for both kids because New York added Michigan, for the first time, to its quarantine list. We are still hoping to get our daughter to Niagara University for a tour as we can stay in Pennsylvania and drive in to New York tour the school and then leave again. The school has been very accommodating trying to help us get her a tour and meet some of the staff. We don’t know where she is going yet but we want to get her every opportunity to see other schools that she may not have thought of.

So, that is where we are. We are just holding on like everyone else. Hoping this election and flu season passes painlessly and quickly for everyone.

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  1. Carol anne says:

    I hope your daughter gets to visit the schools! Covid cases are high where you live, but where I am in Ireland, they are also really high!


  2. Oh dear, Marci, I hope your daughter gets her tour. We have another year for our oldest son who wants to go to Edinburgh in the UK. I hope this is all over by then.


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