7 Meals with Chicken Breasts that Won’t Bore Your Family

We eat a lot of chicken breasts in our house. They are fairly inexpensive so I have to try and make each meal I use them in as different as possible so my family doesn’t realize they are eating chicken three days in a row and revolt! I have found if I make them with lots of flavor and different spices my family usually doesn’t even notice.

Grilled Chicken Piccata (click for link to recipe)

Grilling chicken piccata gives this dish a ton more flavor than pan frying. It is a super simple dish that looks so great that you could serve it to company!

Balsamic Italian Chicken (click for link to recipe)

If you love balsamic vinegar the way my family does then this is the dish for you! We even add additional balsamic on the table to drizzle over the top for additional flavor. The chicken, onions, tomatoes and basil combined with the balsamic vinegar are an amazing flavor combination.

Parmesan Simple Chicken (click for link to recipe)

This is the simplest dish I think I make! Parmesan cheese and mayonnaise over chicken. It sounds weird but it is so yummy. The chicken stays juicy and the cheese adds a bunch of flavor.

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken (click for link to recipe)

Baked sweet and sour chicken is a hearty dish that is best on a weekend. I love taking the time to coat the chicken and make the sauce. You can add a side of veggies to make it a full meal!

Simple Chicken Enchilada Verde (click for link to recipe)

This semi homemade dish, I used canned enchilada verde sauce, makes this dish come together in no time. Add some extra chicken next time you cook chicken and you can have leftovers for this dish or several other dishes the next few days!

Flavorful Hot Chicken Salad Sandwich (click for link to recipe)

Looking for something a bit different? This Flavorful Hot Chicken Salad Sandwich fits the bill. Add a simple side salad or a vegetable soup to complete your meal.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza (click for link to recipe)

We love Buffalo chicken in our house. The flavor can be intensified for more heat or cooled down to a milder sauce to make your whole family happy. Add bleu cheese or ranch dressing to add even more flavor. A perfect dish for a simple meal.

Which dish are you going to try?

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  1. At some dinners I was at, they served stuffed chicken breast with veggies,, options are, stuffing, rice ,

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  2. Lots of great ideas to keep mealtime interesting. 😍🍂


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