Check In: Day 238

Week 34: Since it is close to Thanksgiving and everyone is writing about gratitude and thankfulness I am thankful for the gorgeous Michigan weather we have been having this past week. It snowed last Sunday but since about Wednesday it has been in the high 60s and low 70s. It is projected to continue into Tuesday.

The weather, with a bit of sunshine, has helped us in getting ready for winter, beating off the Covid-19 doldrums, and overall helping our moods. My son’s school is talking about getting ready to go fully remote as the cases of Covid in our area have been increasing rapidly. We want to be prepared with everything we need – paper, ink cartridges, and writing utensils. We are planning on once they close to be staying home until probably March.

Thankful that the snow hasn’t stayed and we can go outside and work in the garden beds cutting back all the beach grasses and raking the yard. It makes the days a bit better. My daughter is a bit nervous about the possibility of her dance studio closing again. That is her social and emotional outlet. I get it she is 20 and doesn’t want to be locked up with her parents and little brother. We are all doing the best we can.

So, I am thankful for warm sunny days while they last. I am soaking up the air and the vitamin D like we may not experience it again until spring. It makes me sad but I feel like a bear preparing for hibernation.

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  1. Enjoy the warmth while you can. Winter is coming. 🍁🍂🌾


  2. Enjoy your warm weather while you can! It’s definitely shifted here. We have an 80% chance of snow tomorrow!


  3. Check In: Day 238


  4. Carol anne says:

    Has your daughters dance studio closed? I hope not. Especially if dance is her outlet!

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      They are on zoom only. No one can be in the studio so she is dancing in our unheated garage, on a cement floor, with really bad wifi. She is frustrated. There are no group exercise classes allowed in Michigan right now.

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      1. Carol anne says:

        That is so tough on her 😒

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