Check In: Day 245

Week 35: Covid-19 numbers are going up everywhere it seems. Our little county is over triple the number of cases we had in the spring. I heard from several blogging friends from around the world that they are seeing the same things in their countries. As we get ready to head into winter here we are trying to wrap our head around staying in again for 3-4 months. We are trying to prepare mentally but this time it is harder than in the spring. We know what it is like now and are having a difficult time thinking of doing it again. At least we know everything we touch isn’t going to give us Covid this time and washing our hands, like we should anyways, will help keep us healthy.

My kids are having the hardest time facing the shut down of so much again. My daughter hopes that dance stays open as long as possible. No one has tested positive, yet. She is sure it will eventually come but her dance teacher is also a nurse so they are very careful. I hope they can keep it open until Christmas but that may be a bit too much. My son has been doing Academic Challenges online for school. It is weird but it works. Hopefully they can keep these going and he is preparing an audition for college for cello and voice. That at least keeps him a bit occupied.

Do you think your areas will semi-close again or keep going as is?

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  1. Erika says:

    Yes, it is serious all over the planet. Switzerland and Liechtenstein were doing great in Spring. But meanwhile, they are amongst the top 10 in the world. Austria might do a complete lockdown for three weeks. I cannot understand, why Switzerland does not react. My youngest one has to travel through half of that country when he goes to commercial school twice a week. They don’t switch to online-schooling again. I don’t get that!


  2. Patricia B. Grattan says:

    Yes, it is escalating by leaps and bounds every day. The Gov. of RI this Wednesday will go on air again and threaten to completely shut us down if we have continued at the rate we were. Meanwhile, I am grateful I got my elective knee cap surgery done last Tuesday (in case of shut down) and only had one night in the hospital. I can work on my rehab PT for the next eight weeks (can’t drive for four and it’s already killing me). My stay-at-home project is working on my recipes, and I have a whole loose leaf binder for yours! Thanksgiving will be a frozen Butterball breast and mostly canned/packaged items as I am not up to cooking yet and no one wants to come and spread the virus anyhow. Be cautious and this too wlll pass. Sending the usual family hugs, Pat

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      Thanks Pat! So glad the surgery is done and you are on the way to healing. Hope you and all the family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  3. Carol anne says:

    We had a six week lockdown here from late October until dec 1st. Everything is mostly open here now again. We are at level 3 we were at level 5.

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      Sigh. We cannot even get people to wear a mask in stores or restaurants. Of course the President not wearing one and only talking about being robbed of his election and forgetting we have a pandemic going on doesn’t help. Ugh.

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