Check In: Day 350

Week 50: Well here in Michigan we are getting closer to getting the shot. Next week they are lowering the age to 50 for people to get Covid-19 shots. I am on the wait lists at several places so we will see if and when I can get one. My mother gets her second dose next week. We are getting closer to being able to see them. The only issue is my father who is house bound for the most part. The visiting nurse is trying to find a drive through clinic near them that he can go to because it would be far too much for them to get him to the clinic, out of the car, into a wheelchair, through the line to get the shot, wait, get back to the car, out of the wheelchair…. You get the idea. We have seen pictures of lots of drive through clinics unfortunately just none near them.

My daughter just found out that they are going to be performing one year later after the last cancelled St. Patrick’s Day performance. They will be outside on a sidewalk but I don’t think any of them really mind. Unless it snows or rains I think they will all be so happy to be performing together again. We are even thinking of making a weekend of it. I think any reason right now to get away for a night or two is fun for all of us.

I know we are very fortunate to even be thinking about this. We all go out with double masks and my daughter who is the only one who doesn’t wear glasses wears eye protection because our doctor thought it best for her to also protect her eyes. Has anyone else’s doctors mentioned this? I know it’s a thing for colds and flu because it is an entry point for viruses but I never really thought about it for Covid until we mentioned going to Dallas to her and she said to get my daughter eye protection too. Who know?

Hope you are well and healthy!

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