Check in: Day 357

Week 51: It seems almost impossible that it has been nearly a year since we started with the “Stay Safe. Stay in Place.” here. This past week kind of blew up for me in so I didn’t post much because Michigan opened up quite a bit and now everyone has decided everything is going back to some sort of normal all at once.

My son came home from school on Monday telling us he had an orchestra concert next week and had rehearsals Tuesday night rehearsal and Thursday afterschool. Oh, and they are having a school play after all (yeah!) and the information session about the play is Tuesday during orchestra rehearsal so can I go and take notes. Of course I will. Then, they are having an online musical and that starts this Saturday with rehearsals every Saturday morning. Now what all this means is that I spend the next 3 hours moving cello lessons, math tutoring, and my work schedule to fit it all in.

As we picked him up from school on Thursday after school my son let us know that he needed his tuxedo the next day for school. I had ordered him a tux shirt for the concert next week but it wasn’t being delivered until the day of the concert! So, off we go to our nearest “big city” to get a shirt for his tuxedo. Three hours later with a shirt and a new belt we were home. Nothing bad and we were fortunate we could go and find him a shirt but it was still time away from work, home, and life.

I had visions of everything opening slowly and enjoying each thing that opened up instead of going from 0 to 100 in a day. Part of the problem is now Michigan is on the rising caseload list for Covid-19 and one of our high school students had a party with a bunch of kids when the parents went away. Now 10 of those students have been diagnosed with Covid and 80 students have been in quarantine. I am trying to keep us safe and still going out and doing things but this is still real and it is still scary.

Hope you all are doing well and staying safe. I love that things are opening but at the same time I am concerned things are opening.

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  1. nancyruth says:

    Stay safe. Slowly is best for reopening I think. Here in Connecticut we are moving to reopen but masks and social distancing are still required. I agree that it is nice to be reopening and concerning at the same time.

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      Thanks. We are doing it slowly but to get slammed at once was disconcerting.

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  2. That’s a FAST pace, for sure. 🤔


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