Tired of Plain Old Hot Dogs? 5 Tasty Toppings to Try!

My family rarely eats hot dogs. When they do they want more than relish, mustard, and sometimes onions on them. They want tons of flavors and options for their hot dogs. Here are some of our favorites:

Chicago Stye Hot Dogs (click for link to recipe)

Before moving 90 minutes from Chicago I had never heard of a Chicago dog. Now that is all we hear about! This hot dog is definitely unique. I couldn’t find the sport peppers or the bright green relish that the Chicago dogs are known for so I had to make substitutions but if you can find the ingredients or a nearby place that sells Chicago dogs give them a try.

Barbecue Hot Dogs with Coleslaw (click for link to recipe)

I need to take new pictures of my hot dogs. Time to remake the recipes. I think they kids may be up to a few hot dogs. These hot dogs are delicious with caramelized onions and coleslaw adding another dimension to hot dogs with onions.

Pretzel Dogs (click for link to recipe)

Making pretzel dough is super simple if you have a bread maker on hand. Remember that small appliance that may be in the back of a cupboard? A quick boil in water with baking soda gives them that gorgeous brown color when baking. You can make them without boiling but they look so amazing with just 30 sec. -1 minute boiling.

Taco Hot Dogs (click for link to recipe)

Everyone loves taco night so how about changing it up a bit and making them taco dogs? Whether you use soft flour tortillas or crunchy corn shells everyone can top theirs just as they want. Make a bar with olives, tomatoes, jalapenos…. Everything you love on tacos!

Simple Chili Dogs with No Canned Chili (click for link to recipe)

Don’t want canned chili or don’t have any on hand to make chili dogs? This simple chili recipe uses items you most likely have in your pantry for a simple topping. Top with cheese, or sour cream, or onions! Your choice.

So, what do you want to top your hot dogs with?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I like hot dogs, especially during the summer months. 😋


  2. Erika says:

    Great ideas! I love the Pretzel and Chilli variation!


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