Saturday Musings #7

Tomorrow is the big day. He is ready. We are ready. This seems drag on forever and ever. When my daughter graduated because she was in an on-line program there was one optional graduation picnic and graduation. That was it. None of the other 150 concerts, convocations, lectures, honors ceremonies, parades, etc… just to get to the baccalaureate and graduation ceremonies. Yes, there are even 2 ceremonies tomorrow one at 2:30 and one at 6:00 pm. Because they want to let everyone who wants go to see be allowed they are doing it outside. Yeah! It is supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow. I will probably be broiled by the time the ceremony is over.

But, we are happy for him. He just wants to graduate. Then we start his next adventure of getting him ready for college and then our big adventure starts this fall! Stay tuned!

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  1. Pastor Cathy says:

    That expression behind the cello is an essay to get congratulated.

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  2. Erika says:

    It is just wonderful that everything is working out so well for your son’s graduation, including the weather. Have a fantastic day!

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  3. I love the photo! Congratulations to your son, and actually to all your family. You made it! Hope you have a wonderful summer ahead, with lots of beach time and fun cookout dinners before gearing up for the big changes in fall.

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