Happy New Year!

I have to honestly say New Years is my least favorite holiday. I have never cared for it. The passage of time hits me very hard each year. I tend to look back with sadness and forward with trepidation. This year seems especially difficult with ailing parents, the Omicron outbreak, and the state of the world.

This new Omicron variant of Covid has put us back on our heels a bit. Several friends and family members have had it but all were thankfully fully dosed with boosters so they are all doing well. It has put a damper on our going anywhere for the month of December but we are all well.

I have gotten the blog ready for the new year. Still lots of “Cook once, eat twice” meals, appetizers, and some larger meals for families are ahead. We realize we really like appetizers and simple meals when the kids are not around. Making a quick salad and charcuterie is so much easier than cooking for 2. But, we are still figuring it out. Hope you will follow along in the new year as we adjust to our “normal.” I refuse to use “new normal.”

I wish you all a table full of all your favorite foods surrounded by those you love. May you all have a year filled with joy, love, and laughter. Happy New Year!

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  1. Pat Grattan says:

    You speak my language — both in palate and emotion. I get melancholy when I face another year, knowing I am almost at the end of my destination. So much I want to do, so little time, and even less energy to get it done. My magic wand has broken. Food wise, I am considering just a lot of daily prepared take-out. The quality has so improved from the old Swanson frozen meals on a divided tray. I’m looking forward to your “meals for two”. It has still been difficult for me to scale down to cooking for one when I cooked for eight. Happy, healthy, holy new year.


  2. Erika says:

    I don’t know what it is but I too have a difficulty in my head to be joyful about ending a year. It got so used to it, so in the flow. But then again, it is only one day later and what we find tomorrow we already spread yesterday. So, I began to look forward to another unwritten book I can fill with my own creations, some already in the pipeline and some developing in the background from everything I do in the process. My words to myself at the beginning of the year are: This is going to be my best year ever! I have never been wrong!

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  3. artandicon says:

    “Grief bacon” is a cure all in some societies! For some reason, the sizzle, the browning, and the proper crisping from a well drained piece of pork fat uplifts the mood, as well as satisfying the hunger. I always know I’m in need of a comfort food when I pull out the southern recipe of my childhood: scrambled eggs, cheese grits, and crispy bacon. Happy new year to you and yours.

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    1. koolaidmoms says:

      I have never heard of this but it makes perfect sense. Happy New Year!

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