Football Party Foods

Football is coming to an end soon. Many will be celebrating with Super Bowl parties. I pulled together a few of our favorite party dishes that may be a bit different from ordinary football food. Starting with a salad bar.  Think about all the heavy food that is normally served at a Super Bowl party. Why not offer your guests a simple salad bar to balance out all the heavy foods and drinks you will be serving?

This Flavorful Hot Chicken Salad Sandwich (click for link to recipe) is super simple to make and can be sliced and served warm from the oven. It is a delicious twist on a hearty sandwich.

Everyone serves chili at a Super Bowl party. Why not make it a bit different and serve Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Chili (click for link to recipe)? This hearty dish can be made as spicy or as tame as you like. Offer guests extra hot sauce and spices if they want it even hotter!

We amped up the flavor of this Creamy Shrimp Dip (click for link to recipe) by adding extra garlic to this traditional dip. It is super simple to make – my daughter made it in about 15 minutes but it is a solid party dish.

I love these little Biscoff Ice Cream Sandwiches (click for link to recipe). You can easily customize these sandwiches to match teams or favorite flavor of ice cream. You need a gentle hand to make these but they are so worth it!

What are you serving for your Super Bowl party?

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  1. Erika Kind says:

    Sounds like fitting football meals. If it wasn’t that late over here until the games begin, I would consider to try out some of your recipes for that purpose. Good ideas, Marci!


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